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3 ways to stay productive during this challenging time.

Hello! I hope as you read this you are safe and healthy. We have been living in a post Covid-19 world for close to a year now. I hope you have found a way to elevate the stress and anxiety that may face a lot of us, day in and day out. If you are still trying to find some ways to feel more calm and stay productive, I hope you find some help in this blog.


This may sound silly, but it is so important for you physical and psychological being. After sleeping all night, your body wants to move and most of all, reset itself! 2. FIND SOME BOOKS TO READ (that aren't political or current event based).

Allow your mind to learn, expand or get lost in another world. Here are some recommendations;

* Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens

* Untamed, by Glenn Doyle

* The Queen of Hearts, by Kimberly Martin

* The Queens Gambit, by Walter Tevis 3. FIND A FITNESS ROUTINE YOU CAN STICK TO!

This is so important in so many ways, but I believe more now than ever. Most people think of exercise

as a way to see results in your physical appearance, and maybe your cardiovascular fitness. But the one huge benefit is your mind. The endorphins that you feel and the positive feeling of accomplishment when you finish. Going for a run or putting yourself through a workout can change your attitude for the rest of the day.

The switch to online fitness routines have skyrocketed due to Covid! There are some great trainers out there, (and some not so good - be careful!) so it is really about finding the person you trust and that provides workouts that can see yourself sticking with. I recommend working out a minimum of 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes.

You can find my routines on here and also on my IGTV for free. Like always, if you have questions, please reach out!

Stay safe my friends!

x- Mel

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