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Are you a stay at home parent? Can't make it to the gym or let's be real, can't fit a gym membership into the family budget right now. That's OK! You don't have to scrap working out all together. In this article I am going to share with you 5 items that you need to create an AMAZING at-home gym!

1) MINI LOOP BANDS - These are a must-have item. Resistance bands give extra resistance to help muscle lean muscle! They are affordable and easy to take anywhere! The group below can be found on Amazon for $9!

2) JUMP ROPE - Yes, the rope you had as a child is still relevant today! This simple, affordable and effective piece of exercise equipment will come in handy for Cardio conditioning workouts. This adjustable jump rope is $6 on Amazon!

3) SMALL SET OF KETTLE BELLS - Kettle Bells are a M-METHOD must have. There are amazing movements and workouts you can do with the bad boys. You will see me using them a lot in my videos. I even have a whole KB workout series! Gage your kettle bells by your fitness level (beginners start at 5lbs/Advanced can start at 15lbs). They typically go up by 5lbs. I have listed two sets from Dicks Sporting Goods. You can find them at any fitness retailer.

4) Balance Ball-This big ball will act as a bench in your at-home gym. It can also be used for several different kind of abdominal exercises! Like all of these pieces, you can find this at your local fitness retail store and they are fairly affordable! Check out this one I found on Amazon for $18.


5) Weighted bands for arms and ankles-These light weights make a big impact! When doing any exercises, you can throw these on and add some extra resistance. They will make a difference!

BONUS ITEM - A YOGA MAT! If you are working out on a wood or concrete floor, it is always a good thing to have a soft place to lay. This one is found on Amazon and costs just under $19. It comes in 8 different colors.

Let me know if you get any of these products! You will see them in my posts, so be ready to workout with me!



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