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5 Reasons to Stay Fit this Holiday Season

Welcome to the official countdown to the Holidays! As the chilly days are the new norm and we bust out the Elf of the Shelf or any other place in houses, we can now officially jingle our bells and deck our halls. The festive season is here… and so are the hectic schedules.

It's like clockwork that once December starts, fitness routines take a back seat. Between Christmas parties, work socials, festive wine tastings and child school performances, the gym and your usual fitness activities can hardly get a look in. It can be hard to feel motivated to move your tired bod to your workout, but I've got 5 reasons why you should stay fit this festive season.

1. Workouts Keep your energy levels up

December can feel more like a month and a half - it can be extremly exhausting! Exercise is great for boosting your energy levels and keeping you on the ball. It may seem counterintuitive, but the boost of endorphins & the feeling of accomplishment will set you up to tackle the days ahead!

2. Beat the Bloat

If you tend to suffer from bloating, then you know that December is going to be a test. With salty, rich foods and boozy nights, it can aggravate your gut making you feel pretty sluggish and uncomfortable.

Steady State Cardio may help relieve bloating as it aided gas pass through our digestive systems. I've schedule 4 Steady State Cardio sessions in the 28 day New Year Shred to help with this! This can be in the form of swimming, cycling, jogging, aerobics etc.

3. Boosts your Immune System

Do you usually stockpile Kleenex and cough drops when December rolls around? When you run yourself exhausted, you’re at risk of catching a colds or worse - your immune system needs all the help it can get!

You need to keep on your vitamins and healthy eating, and also your fitness to ensure you stay fighting fit for germs:

  • Physical activity may help flush out bacteria in the lungs and make your antibodies and white blood cells circulate more rapidly around the body - all which can help combat sickness.

  • The rise in body temperature can also help your body fight infections better.

  • Exercise also releases stress, which can trigger lower immune systems.

4. Rev up your metabolism

Throw yourself into high intensity workouts to fire up your metabolism! Not only will you be burning more calories during the actual session, but it keeps your metabolism in a higher gear for hours afterwards.

The Missy Methods 28 Day New Year Shred consists of Resistance training, HIIT & Steady State Cardio! This is important to give your metabolism the best boost possible!

5. Start the New Year off Feeling Amazing!

And lastly, a brilliant reason to stay fit this festive season is to enter a new year feeling awesome and at the top of your game. Don’t put it off for the new year - start now and keep yourself on track. No January Blues here!

Let's celebrate in the festive fun and countdown to the New Year, but don’t forget to maintain your fitness standards. It may feel like a pain in the behind to drag yourself to your sessions when the city is full of Prosecco and Pies… but your body & mind will thank you come 1st January.


Move, Breathe, Believe ♥️


Photo by Igda Warner @velogirl22

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