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5 Reasons you should prioritize Protein

If you have been following my Instagram stories, you know I have been talking A LOT about Protein in our diets and the importance of it. I wanted to share that information here also. So let’s dive into 5 reasons Protein is so important for you!

1. Building and repairing tissues: Protein is essential for the growth, maintenance, and repair of tissues in our body. It helps in the formation of new cells and the repair of damaged ones.

2. Enzyme production: Many enzymes in our body are made up of proteins. Enzymes play a crucial role in various chemical reactions that occur in our body, such as digestion, metabolism, and immune responses. If you don’t know what an Enzyme is, here is the ‘Simple” definition from -“An enzyme is a biological catalyst and is almost always a protein. It speeds up the rate of a specific chemical reaction in the cell. The enzyme is not destroyed during the reaction and is used over and over”.

3. Muscle development and strength: Protein is a key component in building and maintaining muscle mass. It provides the necessary amino acids for muscle growth, repair, and recovery after exercise. I am currently discussing how to calculate how much protein is enough on my IG Subscriptions.

4. Hormone production: Certain hormones, such as insulin and growth hormone, are made up of proteins. These hormones regulate various bodily functions, including metabolism, growth, and reproduction.

5. Immune system function: Antibodies, which are proteins, are an essential part of our immune system. They help identify and neutralize harmful substances, such as bacteria and viruses, protecting us from infections.

As you can see, Protein is a very important Macronutrient that we need for complete health. Next, I will discuss the best sources to get protein wheather you are meat eater or a vegan!

x Missy

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