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Bring on the Bowls

When it comes to TMM nutrition, the fresher, the better. I believe that our bodies run the best on whole, nutritious, non-processed foods. One of my favorite ways to eat this way is to create bowls full of amazing veggies, protein and flavor. We are talking Cava at home style. Bowls are an easy and delicious option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here is my quick guide to help you make amazing bowls each time!

To create a Breakfast Bowl;

Base Option - 1 cup diced or shredded potato

The Guts Options - 1-3 Eggs/Egg Whites

Sauteed veggies of your choice


Toppings Options - Shredded Cheese

Chia Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Hot Sauce

To Create a Lunch/Dinner Bowl;

Base Options - 2 cups Lettuce of choice

3/4 cup Brown or White Rice

A mix of the two!

The Guts Options- 1/2 cup beans of choice

3 ounces lean protein (think Chicken or turkey breast, tofu or steak)

Unlimited Diced Vegetables (some of my favorites are tomatoes, onion,

cucumbers, bell peppers, mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, artichokes)

4 small/medium potatoes steamed & salted

Toppings Options -1 tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

1 tbsp Sunflower Seeds

Hot Sauce

1/4 Avocado

2 tbsp Yogurt Dill Dressing

Few Splashes of soy sauce

Get creative and have fun with it! You will be eating healthier right away! Let me know what your favorite self-made TMM Bowl is by tagging #TMMBOWL.

Stay safe, stay strong,


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