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AB Flow (for a tight waist!)

This flow is going to hit your obliques and your main frontal core. Let's get to it!

Side Crunch on Knees - Make sure your shoulder aligns with your elbow and it strong and elongated. Press into the mat and lift your body off the mat, engaging your side oblique. Lower a repeat 10x. At the end...

Hold at the top of the crunch for a 10 second hold. Repeat on the other side.

Plank Knee In and Outs - Rotate to a traditional Plank. Fingers wide spread and your abs engaged. Do NOT let your butt stick up in the air! While in this plank, alternate walking your knees in and out 10x each side!

Rest for 45 second and do these 3 exercises 4x through!

This is a great ab workout to do on its own or add it to the end of a cardio or strength workout!

Movement is Medicine my friends!

Stay Safe <3

x - Mel

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