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Finding Your Fitness Calling

No two people are alike, and so everyone’s journey to better health will be unique. You need to find your, what I'm going to call, FITNESS CALLING.

Just because your BFF or partner loves to cycle @ 5:30 with Chase Tucker, doesn't mean that you need to strap in also. You need to try different styles of workouts and figure out what drives you and makes getting healthier most joyful.

Where to start? If you are over the age of 30, you probably have already tried running a 5k, gone to spin class with your friends and tried a workout trend or two. If you have loved any of those, they may be part of your daily or weekly routine already, and that is wonderful. You are already on your way to finding your Fitness Calling. If nothing you have done before has stuck and your still lacking a routine and/or motivation to move, then let me help encourage you to find it!

  1. Pull from your Childhood. Was there a sport or activity that you loved to attend or compete in every week as a kiddo? Draw from those feelings and recreate the adult version. For example, did you dance or cheerlead? Maybe try dance lessons or pilates. Did you run track? Sign up with a running club or try your first 5k.

  2. Sign up for Class Pass or another app that allow you to experience all different types of exercise classes. You will organically gravitate towards a style or a specific class!

  3. Find a trainer! Find a credited trainer that has a track record of helping others! (Hi!)

  4. Lastly, it could be setting up a time 4-5x a week to just get outside and take a brisk walk!

By finding your Fitness Calling, taking time for self care, watching what you eat, getting more sleep and focusing on prevention, you will very quickly start to see positive changes in your physical and mental health.

You're stronger than you know. Start believing it!


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