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Flat Abs aren't made with crunches & other myths!

Hi beauties! I hope this post finds you well. There has been a lot going on over here at The Missy Method and I am excited to share it all with you soon! But that is not what I am here to chat about today. Today we are going to talk about the goal of a flat midsection and debunk some of the myths out there!

I am going to discuss the 3 most popular myths that have been circulating for years.

#1 YOU WILL GET FLAT ABS WITH CRUNCHES. The truth is crunches and other abdominal exercises will build the strength of your abdominal muscles. It will not shrink your waistline alone.

#2 DETOX TEA WILL FLATTEN MY STOMACH. This is a little tricky for the people that suffer from bloating. The symptom of bloating may very well be relieved by detox teas, making your stomach feel better and flatter. But what detox teas are really doing is ridding you of water weight, not real weight. Teas are not your answer to a permanent solution and can be harmful if using laxative teas.

#3 STARVING YOURSELF WILL LEAD TO A FLAT STOMACH. Starving is never the answer to anything. Period! Starving yourself leads to a very unhealthy relationship with food and can result in eating disorders.

What CAN you do for that tighter midsection? Following a healthy, fiber-rich nutrition plan and being physically active on a consistent basis is the only way to lose body fat. Those two things will result in less fat accumulation around your midsection (and everywhere else!).

We will talk more about what healthy eating looks like next week!

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Love, Missy & the Team

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