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My NEW Obsession

Hello Beautiful People!

If you follow me on IG, you know that I have posted a few workouts with a new piece of band "equipment" called the TOTAL BODY BAND (I'll refer to it as TBB from here on out). YA' is everything I have wanted in a band system. It is pretty much a portable cable system. It was created by the beautiful (inside and out) Melody Rae, Ex-NFL Player -Montell Owens and Fitness Entrepreneur - Blake McCoy.

Here are the TOP 3 reasons I love the Total Body Band;

1. You can get a challenging or restorative workout depending on the resistance level you choose and what exercises you perform. The TBB comes in three resistance levels- Light, Medium and Heavy

2. It is so compact that you can TRAVEL with it!!!! Seriously, throw it in with your socks on every trip!

3. It CONNECTS to you! The most frustrating thing about traditional resistance bands is they tend to slide and roll up (or down), And the ankle cuff on the TBBs are comfortable!

Here are the CONS. I always want to be fair when reviewing a product, so here are the negatives.

1. It won't go around your thighs. A lot of Abduction movements (clams, banded Glute bridges) that I do in several of my workout series can't done with the TBB.

2. It can be a higher price point for a lot of people. When you are comparing it to tradition loop bands, which you can now get off of Amazon extremely cheap, it might seem steep.

Those are the only two cons I have about the Total Body Band. I will say personally, the price is worth it to me. I will get so many workouts with the TBB and the fact that I can travel with it is amazing for me!!

If this sounds like something you would like for your home workouts, check them out at! You can click on my picture for the link!

X- Mel

Members Video Workout

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