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HOW do I start with a Fitness Program?


You probably know one thing;

1. You want to be active for a particular reason (weight loss, get in shape, gain muscle, your friend signed you up for a 5k in 2 months, etc.).

The question is HOW are you going to do this?! I am going to use running in this post. If I am going to run a 5k in a couple months and in all honestly, the furthest I've ran in the last 3 years is from my kitchen counter to my toddler who is about throw a handful of pasta at his sister, then it is time to put together an action plan.


WRITE DOWN YOUR GOAL - Go beyond just to run a 5k. Get a little more detailed in what you're envisioning and how you want experience to be. How do you want to feel? "I want to run a 5k without having to stop or all out quit! I hope to run it in less than 28 minutes".


DO SOME RESEARCH-Research can be as easy as typing "How to train for a 5k" into your Google browser to reaching out to a local running club and seeing if they have a 5k training group. When doing a general search, make sure who ever you are taking advise from is credible. You don't want to take advise from someone that has two 5k's under their belt and are calling themselves professional running coaches.


SCHEDULE TRAINING INTO YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE-This is VERY important. You can have the best of intentions in your head, but unless you take action, you won't reach your goal. The training for ANY goal should be treated like a real business meeting. For this example, I have learned I need to run 4 days a week. I need a Tempo Run that will last 30 minutes, a Sprint Run Workout, that will last 20 minutes, a Long Run that will last close to 45-60 minutes and a Open Run that can last up to 40 minutes. I open my calendar and realize that the best time for me is in the mornings except for my Long Run, which I will do on the weekends. I set the appropriate time to include everything that this entails. Example would be the time to actually get up out of my bed,brush my teeth, get dressed, eat a banana, drink some water, get out the door, run, cool down, stretch, shower and get ready for the work day to start. Once you have everything scheduled, now it's time to make sure you have all the equipment or clothing gear.


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT-For this example, it is pretty easy. I just need to make sure I have running shoes (I am going to be logging some serious miles, so I would probably invest in some new ones). Sports bras, shorts and T shirts. I also will want a killer music play list, so I take some time to download all the songs I want.


IT'S GO TIME!-CONGRATULATIONS! You have done everything you need to do to set yourself up to start a Fitness Plan! Now it is time to believe in yourself and stay committed. If you have any questions or need extra motivation, you can alway reach out to me!!



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