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How to have a feel-zen flight

Hi Beauties,

I am going to break down the steps you can do before, during and after your next flight to feel the best you can. I'd love to know any tips you may have!

WHEN BOOKING YOUR FLIGHT - Think about timing. We have all had the dreaded extra early flight that leads us to wake up every 2 hours with anxiety the night before. If you can, try booking a flight that doesn't force you to wake up extra early and feel pressured. For me and my family, this is usually a 11 a.m. flight departure. That means we can get up at our normal waking hour, have breakfast, get dressed and have the final walk through for last minute packing- with TIME TO SPARE! So, if you can, take the time of departure into account to feel rested and less stressed the morning of your flight.

THE NIGHT BEFORE- Make sure you

1. Packed!

2. Checked in & dowloaded your mobile boarding passes

3. Downloaded music/books/shows and you have written your last minute list so to to forget anything tomorrow.

4. Pack low sodium, nutritious snacks. Think fruits, quinoa & rice crackers with cucumber and tomatoes.

5. Put together your last minute packing list (chargers, bathroom essentials, etc.)

Now it is time to sleep! What can you do to make sure you have a restful nights sleep, because we all know that flying can be exhausting.

  1. Get to bed before 11 p.m., after 11 your body will get restless and you will have trouble sleeping.

  2. Put away all electronics a hour before falling asleep.

  3. Do NOT try any new melatonin or sleep aides tonight.

  4. Throw on a hydrating face mask or eye gels during your night time routine. (also, throw these in your carry on, you will need them again!)

Here are some of my favorite eye gels and hydration masks

THE DAY OF - Start your day off by getting oxygen flowing. A yoga flow, brisk walk or run. An endorphin high is a bonus! Get yourself and kids fed, showered, dressed and ready. Throw on some gel good music to get everyone in a good mood. Walk through your last minute check list and pack everything up. Your prepared and ready! (don't forget those eye gels!) ** A great parent tip - bring empty water bottles or sip cups in your carry on. You can fill them once you are through security and again on the plane.

ONCE ON THE PLANE - You made through security and on to the plane. Now its time to make this the best experience you possibly can. Here are my tips-

  1. Drink Water! I know that plane lavatories are like being crammed into a shoebox, but staying hydrated during your flight is worth it. Flying dehydrates us, and the 5 ounce cup they give out on flights, is not enough for any duration. Think 16 ounces every half hour.

  2. Eat your hydrating and nutritious snacks you packed.

  3. Get up and stretch every 30 minutes. A walk up and down the aisle, quad stretches and side bends are all good.

  4. Pull out your eye gels, and place them under your eyes according to the directions. If you dare, you can go all out with a hydrating face mask!

  5. Loosen your shoes if you are able.

  6. Lean back and enjoy your entertainment of choice!

WHEN YOU TOUCH DOWN - We all can't wait to jump off the plane when we land. Don't allow yourself to get to worked up! This can lead to a fight-or-flight reaction in your body and lead to anxiety. This is not what we worked so hard for! Take your time, make sure you have everything. You did it, beauty! I hope this helps and you are feeling a little more zen-like on your next flight.

BONUS - When you get to your destination. Move your body! Pull up a body weight workout from my Workout Library!

Next time, I'll share my tips on traveling with kiddos!

xo- Missy

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