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It's HUMPDAY, how are you doing so far?

Hey LiveFit Friends!

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to check in to see how we are doing so far.

Let's do a fitness check -> Did you do all the workouts you planned on doing so far? If so, AWESOME! Keep that mindset and momentum going! If you haven't, let's look at the reasons why. What can you do differently to make sure you get the rest of your workouts in the rest of the week. A few tips;

1. Set an alarm to remind yourself of your workout time. Treat it like a business meeting.

2. Write down all the reasons you WANT to workout. This is a great reminder and is likely to motivate you.

3. Email a friend to remind you the morning (or night before if you are morning gym rat) to GO TO THE GYM. Thats all the subject line needs to read.

SOOOOO, let's make the rest of the week count and get moving!! Smile and have a great rest of the week!!



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