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It's Monday…want to play?!

Hey LiveFIT friends!

Want to PLAY? Good, because this is what play stands for this week-

P- PLEASE stop saying "I have a case of the Mondays" with a down and out attitude! Instead, say "It's the beginning of a new week to kick ass and get closer to reaching my goals".

L- LAUGH! Easy enough right? Even better, make someone else laugh.

A- ALLOW yourself some time to reflect on your day this evening and envision how your going to tackle the rest of the week.

Y- YELL, yes, yell "I CAN DO IT"! What ever it is that you are after, working towards or putting off, know you can do it. No more, I'll do it tomorrows. Make a plan and do it!

So, let's PLAY and make it a great week.


Missy Schwimer


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