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It's Sunday and that means...Planning!

Hey followers, friends and fitfam!

Hope you are all having a great day watching football, getting your workout on or trying your best to nurse a hangover. It happens to the best of us. Sundays aka Fundays are also the day that a lot of us sit down a look at the week ahead. I know I do and I wanted to write you guys to let you in on what I do every Sunday.

1. I GET MY SWEAT ON - no matter what. For me this isn't a killer workout. It's not as intense or challenging as my workouts I do during the week. But I do get moving. It is usually a workout in my basement and it would look a little like this-


20 Air squats

20 Jump Squats

10 Push Ups

20 Switch lunges

50 Bicycle Crunches

Rest for 60-90 seconds - repeat 3-4 times

Cool down and stretch. ROLL!

2. PREP MY FOOD-If you have followed me through any of my social media accounts, you probably know I'm all about food prep. If not, now you know. I have been prepping my food for the week for years. I find it a must do to stay away from temptations during the week and it makes life so much easier! I do a mass cooking of proteins, veggies and carbs and pack everything into zip locks or tupperware. Dinners are usually made fresh every night to eat with my family. I freeze (in freezer bags) any meals past 4 days and take them out on Wednesday to thaw. Warning, a lot of green veggies aren't very appetizing after being frozen and thawed. So you might want to keep this separate in the refrigerator.

3. WRITE MY TO-DO LIST- SO this is pretty self explanatory, BUT, I do something beyond just a list. I write out all I want to accomplish this week and divide that list by 2-3 goals per day. I have found that if I just have a huge list, that something pretty important always gets pushed back. So, I divide everything and write them in my calendar. I should mention that I write in all my client meetings and anything other meetings or appointments first. 4. I TRY TO GET TO BED EARLY- This doesn't always happen, especially with all the great shows on Sunday night or if my Chiefs are playing Sunday night football. But I try to unwind early because I love starting my week off fresh after a great night sleep.

And that is it! I spend the rest of my day with my family and laughing as much as possible. I hope you do too!

Have a great Sunday!



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