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Do you know how to squat?

THE SQUAT. It is a movement this is used in workouts all the time and that the majority of people think they know how to do. That is, until they hurt their back or start to feel some knee pain. In this post, I am going to break down the squat as much as I can, so hopefully you won't have to experience unwanted pain and get all the benefits from squats in your workouts. There is also a visual at the end!

Step 1 - Start with your feet a little more than hip width apart. The toes should face forward. If you have a hip impingement or a high foot arch, you may need to point your toes out a little to find comfort and best range of motion. This will also take pressure off of your knees and keep them from falling in (or out) during the exercise.

Step 2 - Some muscle cues that will help you stay healthy. Stand up straight and lightly rotate your shoulders back. In turn, your chest will be more pronounced. As you drive your hips back (as though your going to sit on an imaginary chair) make sure to engage your deep abdominal muscles by pulling your navel in. This keeps the spine and pelvis stable and protects your back.

Step 3. Start to sit back and down, keep your neck neutral and chest up. Your feet should stay planted on the floor with the bulk of the weight towards you heels. Keep a natural curvature in the spine. Bring your legs to a 90 degrees or lower if you have the flexibility. If you have knee issues, do not lower beyond parallel.

Step 4 - Keep your abs tight and push back up through the movement to the top. Squeeze your glutes at the top (don't not over rotate your pelvis) and start again.

Step 5 - Do not forget to breathe!! <3

Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Squatting!


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