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What's in my ON THE GO bag?

I seem to always be on the go! There are weeks I feel that I live out of my car. Between running to client appointments, picking up and dropping off my kiddos and getting to house meetings...OH, and my own workouts...I seem to never stop. So with all this running around, how do I keep my fitness priority at the top of this list? I have put together the perfect ON THE GO bag for my active lifestyle.

Here is what is inside!

* WATER!!!

* A healthy snack - usually a banana

* A reusable Starbucks/Coffee Cup (for those early days or mid day slumps)

* Face Wipes

* Mini Loop Resistance Bands

* Ear Pods

*Baseball Cap


*Body Spray

& MY PLANNER! I am currently using one from Amazon like this

Let me know what is in your On THE GO Bag! I would love to share other ideas!


Mel Marie

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