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Free Workouts + More

Signing up will give you access to all TMM workouts and nutrition guides!  There are over 30 free workouts that vary from 15 minute to a full 60 min class! Along with workouts, you will find several examples of well-rounded and nutritious eating plans.  Workouts will be added weekly! Cant wait to see you there!

Key TMM Classes

Total Body Flow

Upper Body + Core

HIIT/Advanced HIIT

Lower & Upper Body Focus

About The Missy Method

The Missy Method tones and sculpts bodies around the world using high rep, low-medium resistance movements. The program is created from Missy’s background as a lifetime dancer and 10+ years of personal training experience. You will see changes in your body, and also renewed energy and self confidence!

Move. Breathe. Believe.

Move. Breathe. Believe.

To build confidence in women by giving them the tools to transform their bodies and self confidence.

FULL Library of over 30+ videos

New Workouts loaded weekly

The Missy Method Nutrition Guide

Missy’s Favorite’s

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