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About Me

Hi Beautiful people!! I am so happy you are here. Let’s dive into a little bit about me. 


I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 years now. It was an industry that my 9 year old self would have never dreamt up! But, one day in 2011, I joined a bodybuilding competition team and never looked back. My quick climb up the ranks of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) and the huge changes in my body due to nutrition & exercise sparked my love and appreciation for fitness in a way I had never experienced. 


My passion has always been to make others feel special and empowered. I found the best way I could accomplish that was through sharing my knowledge of fitness, nutrition and wellness. My love for movement started when I was child. I danced in my room, in the hallways of my school, and in ballet and contemporary dance classes from the young age of 3 all the way into college. I was also a cheerleader in high school and eventually an IFBB Bikini Pro.  


My life, like many others, has had many ups and extreme lows. From losing my mother unexpectedly in 2007 and a serious relationship not long after, to finding the man of my dreams and becoming a mother 2 amazing kiddos. What I have been blessed to have through the hard times (& good!) is my love of fitness. It has always pulled me back to center and made me feel whole. 


During my Pro Body Building career, in 2013, I took the leap and started training clients. I instantly knew I was doing something that could make a difference in others lives. I find so much joy in helping others become more confident and stronger versions of themselves. My goal of TMM is to bring movement, breath and self belief to YOU through wellness and unwavering support. Let’s do this together!